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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

An agreement to use:

If you use, it means that you accept the terms and conditions that are listed below. This includes, but is not limited to, the WhoppingSEO Billing System; the WhoppingSEO Blog; the WhoppingSEO Support; the SEO; the mobile sites and applications; and the mobile sites and applications (collectively, the “Services”). WhoppingSEO is the entity that is in charge of either owning or managing the Services (“WhoppingSEO” “us,” or “we”). Your use of the Services is governed by an agreement that is legally binding between you and WhoppingSEO and incorporates by reference all of WhoppingSEO’s policies in their entirety. This agreement governs your usage of WhoppingSEO services. Please make sure that you thoroughly read these Terms of Service before using WhoppingSEO’s services because they constitute a legally binding agreement between you and WhoppingSEO and regulate how you can use their products (this “Agreement”). You agree to these terms and conditions if you use or access our services. If you do not accept this agreement in its entirety, you are not permitted to access or use the Services. People younger than 16 are not allowed to utilize the services.

Content Presented Within the Services

In General

Contributors, authors, and moderators who upload Content (as defined below) to WhoppingSEO are free to express their personal views, not those of WhoppingSEO, regardless of whether those individuals are WhoppingSEO employees or consultants. WhoppingSEO does not endorse the opinions of contributors, authors, or moderators. WhoppingSEO and any other party have no intention of supporting or representing any product or service through the Content (as defined below).

A Restricted License

Except for Content accessed through WhoppingSEO Support or WhoppingSEO Billing, WhoppingSEO provides you just a restricted license to view and use the contents of this section 1.3. Other than the rights granted to account holders who have access to the Content, WhoppingSEO grants you no other rights. You are forbidden to use any content accessed through WhoppingSEO Support or WhoppingSEO Billing. There are no rights that WhoppingSEO gives up that you have not expressly granted to us. You are not granted any ownership or other intellectual property interest in the limited license before this. WhoppingSEO maintains the right to stop or cancel the license at any time and without prior warning or liability, regardless of the reason.

Representations and Warranties Made by the User who Submitted the Content By submitting any User Submission, you represent and warrant to WhoppingSEO, without any obligation on WhoppingSEO’s part to obtain third party consent or to create any obligations, that you own all intellectual property and other rights to that User Submission and are authorized to grant WhoppingSEO the rights you are giving in this agreement to that User Submission. This obligation does not apply even if WhoppingSEO is under no obligation to obtain third-party consent or to create any obligations. 

The Responsibilities of the Users

You alone are responsible for the Content of your User Submissions, and you accept entire liability for any harm they may bring. WhoppingSEO does not make any representations or warranties, whether expressed in terms of accuracy, copyright observance, legality, or any other quality parameter, as to the User Submissions posted on those services or any other website linked to them. Anyone who uses the Services or any website linked to them does so at their own risk.

The Non-Confidentiality of the User Submissions You Provide

WhoppingSEO may make your User Submissions and other information about you (such as your name, image, employer, and location) available to the general public. The Services are open to the general public, and WhoppingSEO may make your User Submissions available to the general public. Any confidential information shouldn’t be posted online. Your User Submissions could be the subject of legal action, and by providing them to WhoppingSEO, you consent us to disclose any information we have about you to any law enforcement agency in response to an activity or request of that nature.

Unwanted email in various forms, including spam, spoofing, and other types

When using the Services, you are not permitted to send unsolicited emails. Please refrain from sending an unsolicited commercial email (spam) to the Services or anybody whose email address contains a domain name. It is strictly forbidden for you to use any domain name associated with our Services as a pseudonymous return email address for any messages you send from another location or by using a different service. While using the Services, you cannot use a false identity or impersonate someone else.

Links to Third-Party Websites

There is the possibility of linking to the websites of third parties from inside the Services (“Third-Party Websites”). In addition, these links can direct you to websites run by third parties that contain information you find offensive or improper.  If a link does not function as it should, WhoppingSEO is not responsible for any transmission obtained through clicking on that link.

WhoppingSEO does not make any representations or warranties of any type regarding Third-Party Websites since it does not control those websites and because it does not make any statements or warranties over them. You are solely responsible for reading and adhering to any privacy policies and use conditions posted on Third-Party Websites. These policies and conditions are not covered by this Agreement and are therefore not applicable to you.

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