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How We Shape Brands With Digital Brand Management?

How We Shape Brands With Digital Brand Management?

The keyword “branding” has emerged as an effective strategy to win after a corona. Branding not only allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors but also establishes your company’s purpose, instills an understanding of your employees, and even makes it possible to achieve both social contribution and profit, which has been attracting attention in recent years.

What is branding? 

A brand is not a slogan, logo mark, or brand name itself, but the value provided by the product. Branding refers to activities that bring the image created by consumers and customers closer to and match the unique value of the brand (brand identity) that the company wants to propose through its products and services. 

By getting customers to buy your company’s products and services at the highest possible price without getting involved in price competition, you can increase corporate profits and stabilize management over the long term. It will be something you do to make it happen.

In other words, the purpose of Professional Seo Services of branding is to contribute to the management of a company. Naturally, consistent consistency and sustainability are required. That said, the management of a company is bound to have ups and downs, and managers sometimes tend to choose change due to “boredom.”

However, in order to establish a stronger website page seo regarding your brand, you must never change your promise to your customers because the act would be a betrayal to the customer who thought of the company favorably.

What are the benefits of branding?

Now let’s think about the benefits that brands bring. Brands can be broadly divided into benefits for companies and benefits for consumers and customers.

Benefits of brands for businesses

Brands offer many benefits, but what they do is actually a lot of benefits for the companies. For example, traditional companies have implemented a series of organizational revitalization measures such as various events such as in-house recreation, in-house newsletters, and in-house training.

Today, these companies are proactively introducing approaches to employees (internal communication) from the perspectives of brand building, thorough implementation of overall management strategies, corporate governance, and risk prevention of brand image deterioration.

In other words, it is an overall effort to share brand values within the company and align employee awareness and behavior with the direction of the brand.

These in-house brandings are called “internal branding,” and they are paired with “external branding,” which is branding for consumers and customers.

Benefits of Brands Bring to Consumers/Customers

On the other hand, the first benefit that comes to mind for consumers and customers is the “reduction of search costs.” For example, suppose you get off at an unfamiliar station on a business trip and look for a cafe to pass the time. Therefore, choosing a store that you recognize, such as “Starbucks Coffee” or “Doutor Coffee,” rather than a cafe you have never heard of, is unaware of the merit of “reducing search costs” provided by the brand. 

Other benefits that brands bring to consumers and customers include “acquisition of value” and “projection of self-image.” Also, remember that the benefits brought by a brand are formed by two values: the functional value and the emotional value of the product or service.

8 steps to build a brand (details)

Here are 8 steps to building a brand:

Discovering market opportunities through environmental analysis 

Market opportunities are discovered using basic marketing tools: PEST analysis, which analyzes the positive/negative factors hidden in the external environment, and 3C analysis, which seeks points of differentiation from competitors.

Market segmentation    

Seo Company divides the market into various segments, keeping in mind what kind of market the business development hypothesized by the 3C analysis is possible and finding the market where Seo Specialist can expect profits.

Selection of prospects   

From the market segmented in the previous step, select the prospective customers who will most appreciate your company’s business or products/services. After selection, create an “attribute list” that summarizes the attribute group.

Unique discovery 

From the perspective of the persona created in the previous step (a virtual persona that has been specified from the attribute list), create a map for your company to stand in a superior position even if they are compared to its competitors.

Brand identity       

It expresses the company’s “uniqueness” found in the previous step in simple words. As a brand, it becomes a banner for how you want to be remembered by the target (persona).


Corresponding to the framework of 4P and 4C, Seo Expert organizes information related to your company’s products and services from both the company’s perspective and the customer’s perspective, analyze to strengthen our uniqueness, and works out a concrete strategy.

Stimulus design    

Based on the brand identity formulated in step5, set up “brand elements” and “brand experience” and build a flow to encourage prospective customers to purchase.

Aim setting 

Judging from the customer (market) and “brand identity” set in “3C analysis” and “STP marketing,” clarify how much performance you want to achieve by when.

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